About Us

Hi! I am Haneen, the owner of BlessYourBeauty Collection.
For many years, I struggled with wearing the hijab and the stigma associated with it. Unfortunately, this feeling was stemmed from the impact it had on my self-esteem aswell as finding a quality hijabs at a reasonable price, I've struggled between wanting to remove it and embracing my identity. The decision was a tough one.
In 2018, my whole perspective changed when I found out I was pregnant with my little angel, Amelia. It was at this moment I realized that I had to make the most selfless yet empowering decision. I wanted to set a good example for my daughter.
My first commitment was to embrace my identity and keep the hijab on. I wanted to wear it with confidence and pride.While everyone advised me to open a makeup line, I trusted my heart and went with a modesty collection. My motivation was simple, to show women that their choice is respected and that it’s not difficult to find quality hijabs at an affordable price. I took to sympathize with hundreds of other girls and women going through the same uncertainty and looking to make a decision.
While I found it difficult to start for about 2 years, it was in the middle of the pandemic that I decided it was time to launch.Today, we are a fully operational small business that is driven to deliver quality affordable hijabs to woman all around the world.
As the CEO of Bless Your Beauty, my message to all girls and women is simple: if you are struggling to make a decision about hijab, please know that you are not alone. I understand you and am here to help you. Listen to your heart!

Sincerely, Haneen



BlessYourBeauty is all about the people who choose modesty - their stories and their ambitions.The world is becoming more diverse and fashion is becoming a part of cultures worldwide. We have curated our business model around finding a solution for those who are looking for fashionable yet affordable garments. We want to look beyond the stigma and respect individual choices - and to empower these individuals we decided to provide them the best quality fabric there is for an affordable price tag.



We see the hijab as a personal choice and a powerful commitment. Our hijabs are thoughtfully crafted to make it easier for women to exercise their choice and live their lives on their own terms - with comfort and ease.



We aim to go above and beyond to offer highly affordable quality hijabs to all those people who value modesty.We are an inclusive brand and do not limit the hijab to Muslims only - we see it as a symbol of identity and celebrate it.